The Business of Virtual Reality

Staying on top of the latest advancements in technology is important for today’s businesses. Technology provides tools and creative opportunities that can be used by businesses to attract clients, improve services, and develop new products.

Trends in Tech explores areas of advancement in technology and how businesses can use them for growth. It serves as an overview of how those technologies can be applied in business, and who is currently working on them in the Central Florida area.

This year the first round of high-end virtual reality headsets came out on the market, and with improvements in mobile phones, mobile VR now allows people to experience the technology from anywhere. This has led to new applications for the technology in entertainment, education, media, healthcare, advertising, construction, design, and other areas.

We’re going to talk to some of the leaders in virtual reality in Central Florida. We’ll hear their thoughts on what the technology landscape looks like today, how businesses can use it, and what we can expect to see in the future.

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6:00- 9:00pm, All panels are 20 minutes long, in a variety of formats

Intro: Why Are People so Excited About VR?

There has been plenty of buzz lately about virtual reality, and the number of business applications for the technology is growing all the time. This introduction will provide a brief overview of what virtual reality is, as well as information about how long it has been around and why people are talking about it now.

Seeking a New Reality: The History of VR

Virtual reality is not a new technology, but it has come a long way over the years. The Central Florida area has a long history with the technology, and is home to many professionals who work with the software. In this presentation, Rob Catto, head of Full Sail University’s VR lab, will talk about his experience in decades of VR research and development.

The Next Virtual Step for Businesses

Businesses are starting to pay attention to virtual reality as a way to expand their reach, better engage customers, and create new products and services. This panel of Central Florida business owners will talk about what new companies exist, how the technology is being applied, and the range of applications.

Building a VR Experience

What does a virtual reality experience look like, and how is it made? In this presentation by developer and teacher Nick Petit, learn what VR looks like behind the scenes, and what types of companies are developing for VR in Central Florida. This talk will cover what software is used, and how to find someone to work on your virtual reality project.

You Can Take It With You: VR in a Mobile World

All users need to experience mobile VR it is a cell phone and a viewer, which is available for as little as $10 online. This form of virtual reality delivery makes the technology widely accessible and low-cost enough to be a good investment for businesses interested in reaching customers in a new way. This panel will cover what mobile VR is, and what the potential is for businesses.

Technology and New Media in Entertainment

Virtual reality can also be used to deliver a high-end virtual experience at some of the largest tech-driven entertainment venues in the world. In this segment, learn more about the potential of VR to enhance the experience at theme parks and other types of entertainment, and hear from one local company that is working with major brands on new types of advanced entertainment.

VR for Marketing: Experiential Design

Today’s brands are looking for new ways to impress an audience, and using the latest technology in different combinations can take an experience to the next level. This panel will look at virtual reality as a component in marketing, from large-scale installations to more simple mobile VR advertisements and marketing components.

A New Way to Experience Education & Training

The immersive nature of virtual reality makes it an excellent tool for teaching and training, and Orlando specializes in simulation and training using the latest virtual technologies. This final panel will cover how VR is used in training today, and what to expect from the technology as it evolves over the next few decades.




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Why Are People so Excited About VR? There has been plenty of buzz lately about virtual reality, and t

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